How Weight Loss Supplements Work


The types of weight loss pills marketed by the health industry are just too many to count. Some people swear by these supplements, others think they are a big con. Yet despite all the noise being made, the fact is that some people have been able to lose weight with their help. Others have ended up regretting their use.

Which is the right way to go? Well, that depends on what approach you want to take off course. Different weight loss supplements work in different ways. Understanding the ways in which the supplements work is the first step to getting the right ones for you.


If you find a weight loss supplement that has been labeled as a stimulant, then be aware that it will ‘stimulate.’ Weight loss supplements that are stimulants work by enhancing your body’s metabolic rate beyond its normal levels. Because of that, your body will burn higher levels of fat than usual, which will in turn raise your energy levels significantly. If you take too many of these supplements, do not be surprised to find yourself cleaning up the walls of your home.

Ensure than you avoid stimulants if you have problems with high blood pressure and heart problems.

Appetite suppressants

Some weight loss supplements act as appetite suppressants. They do this by sending a message to your brain that communicates that you are full, even when you are not. You will therefore be less likely to eat a lot, which in turn makes your body burn stored fats to produce the energy it needs for its normal functioning.

Avoid appetite-suppressing supplements if you have been sick or have eating disorders. You will need nourishment, not less food. Most of these supplements are usually taken before food, to reduce the amount that you eat.

Muscle builders

If you have muscles, you may eat more and still fail to gain weight. This is because muscles raise your body’s metabolic rate and keep it steady throughout.

Muscle building supplements are therefore helpful if you want to build up your muscles. That is why they are a favorite among body builders.

Fat-absorption inhibitors

The rate at which your body absorbs fat, will determine how much fat you have to lose. You should aim to reduce your fact absorption rates to safe but lower levels.

Some supplements work by producing enzymes that inhibit the storage of fat in the body. This ensures that your body does not store excess baggage that you do not need.

Regardless of whichever weight loss supplement you select, you must ensure that you get your doctor’s permission to proceed. Also, ensure that you are not taking other drugs for pre-existing conditions. Pregnancy may also prevent you from taking weight loss supplements, so beware.

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