Benefits of Fasting Diets


Despite the sacrifice that comes with following a fasting diet occasionally, the benefits of doing so are quite significant.

In order for you to appreciate what a fasting diet can do for you, you need to understand what these benefits are. Maybe that will give you the encouragement that you need, to deny your body your favorite foods for a while!

Fasting helps you lose weight

The fact that fasting helps you lose weight is one of the biggest reasons as to why you should follow a fasting diet occasionally. While starvation is not a good thing, giving your body a break from having to process all the food you keep stuffing down your throat is.

When you fast, your body is forced to dip into its fat reserves in order to meet its energy needs. This fat is then burned up to enable your body function normally. A short-term fast can help you create a small calorie deficit. On the other hand, if you stay on a medium-restrictive fasting diet for a few weeks, you will then be able to notice a change in your weight. That can only be good news!

You however, need to ensure that you do not binge after you have completed your fasting diet. If you do so, you will not only cover the calorie deficit that your diet created, but you may end up gaining more weight.

Fasting helps to detoxify your body

All that food that you keep on gobbling up, will come back to haunt you later on. Every major organ in your body is usually forced to work harder in order to clear your system of the extra fat, cholesterol, and sodium that you take in. The kidney is usually one of the most taxed organs of all.

Fasting diets make your kidneys very happy. They are able to take a rest because there is less garbage in the system to clear. Because of that, your body will be able to experience some rejuvenation. This is because your kidney will be able to clean your blood and leaving you feeling refreshed. Fasting diets are not that bad then. They do count for something after all!

Fasting diets helps you fulfill a religious obligation

Both the Christian and Muslim faiths have placed an emphasis on the need to fast for spiritual reasons. So do other major world faiths. When you embark on a fasting diet that is supported by your religion, you are in essence, fulfilling a spiritual obligation. This enables you to have peace of mind, which in turn contributes to your mental well-being.

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